All rental properties are required by the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998 to hold a valid Gas Safety Record (CP12 form). A gas safety check is required by law annually and must be issued by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. All appliances in the property and the gas installation as a whole must be checked and a copy of the inspection report provided to the tenant within 30 days.  If you are a landlord you are held responsible by the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations of 1998 to ensure all gas appliances, flues and fittings in the property are deemed safe and working correctly.

What is included with a Gas Safety Certificate:

  • Your gas appliances will be checked for gas tightness.
  • If test points are available, standing and working pressure will be tested.
  • Your Gas Safe engineer will check burner pressure and gas rate against the manufacturers data plate.
  • Checks will be carried out for the provision of all necessary ventilation.
  • Flue flow will be tested to make sure products of combustion are removed.
  • All flame failure devices will be checked for satisfactory operation.
  • Where appropriate checks will be made for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets.
  • Investigations for any evidence of unsafe operation will be made and reported.

We take the stress out of scheduling the CP12 by contacting the tenant on your behalf arranging the appointment to match the urgency (with some CP12s carried out on day of instruction). The engineers work in real time so the certificate is available immediately upon completion. We provide both digital and hard copies upon request. We also offer an annual reminder service to ensure continued compliance.